The Friday Diary: That Time We Met Alden Ehrenreich

Friday, November 9th 2012

Every Friday, from now until the premiere, Caster Girls and The Beautiful Creatures Movie will be writing about our set visit to ‘Beautiful Creatures’. We’ve chosen to write our set pieces candidly, as the fan girls that we are. We hope that you enjoy, and that you love them just as much as we do. We have the second half, and to read the first half, head over to Caster Girls.

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Oh yes, Alden, you have two huge fans now. Don’t worry though, we swear we will be normal. (side note, in the two times that we have seen Alden since the set visit, he has remembered us each time, so we think we made a good impression).

So here’s Part One of the interview with Alden. All the questions are not ours, as it was a round table of journalists.

Question: Can you tell us about the audition process, how you got the roll…

Alden:  I read the script a long time ago, oh no I didn’t. I heard about the movie a long time ago, but I didn’t read the script. It was pitched to me as a sort of genre movie, in the fashion of other movies, and I didn’t have an interest in what it sounded like it was. And then later on we got a secret phone call from the casting director, to come in. So I had a meeting with her and I didn’t know what it was for. I left and I was told it was for this. I was like, I thought that was awhile ago. They were like just read the script and see what you think, because I had never read the script. So, I read the script and within three pages I wanted to do it. My character in the movie was so well written and I could feel that the style that he was going for in the movie, was something I wanted to be a part of.  So, I went in and met with Richard, read a few of the scenes for him. About a week after that, I got a voice mail at 8 in the morning that I got the part. At six that night, I was on a plane here (New Orleans), rehearsed for a week and then we started shooting.

Question: How anxious to do you feel about possibly having Robert Pattinson level of fame?

Alden: I have tried to not think about it. It’s unusual to be making a movie where on the other end of it, there is this kind of expectation. So I have just really tried to concentrate on treating it like any other movie and my job. The acting, that is all that matters at the end of the day.

Question: Had you read the books?

Alden: I had never heard of the books. I got the part and we started shooting so quickly that I have been trying to catch up and read the books. At first we were working from the script as our document, and I have been trying to read the books at the same time. I have made my way through the first one.

Question: So why do you think the books are so popular?

Alden: I think everyone likes a love story. But at the same time, the story has a really interesting culture around it. This southern gothic style. The characters are so specific. I like the way that my character narrates the book. I like the way he talks in the book. It feels very specific. It doesn’t feel like a generalized love story.

Question: Do you identify with your character in any way?

Alden: Ya. I mean, I like to read. I’ve always been drawn to characters that have this restlessness. This wanting to change the circumstances that they are in. In that way I do, ya.

Question: Why do you think these kind of stories are very popular?

Alden: Why do I think that they are interesting? I always feel that the function that fantasy stories serve, is that what people feel, is bigger then how the world works. It’s like, we have bigger feelings then our day to day life. It’s like we see these fantasies, and these big dramatic events, and this bigger then life world, and something about that corresponds to the way we feel inside. We feel bigger then the events that we experience.

And that’s when Dave said that Alden was needed for a quick rehearsal. We were assured that we would get to see him again, so we weren’t worried. But we sure were excited. He made quite an impression on us.

Alden left the tent, and we turned to each other. We had specific questions we wanted to ask. Details we needed to know. Were they going to show Ethan and Lena in her room? How was this love story going to play out? Did he get advice from Kami and Margie? Would he himself, date a girl like Lena? If he was a Caster what kind would he be? Was he going to be okay with girls screaming his name? Team Link or Team Ethan?

Yes, our questions were hard hitting. But we’d get to see Alden again, and when we did, it would be a moment that we wouldn’t soon forget.

Want to know what happens next? Caster Girls and The Beautiful Creatures Movie Site will be telling you all about their set visit, down to what we ate, and the things that we saw every Friday until the release of the movie. We’ll be giving you tidbits, interviews, and secrets we can’t wait to share. Coming next Friday, part two of our interview with Alden Ehrenreich, and why we were afraid to touch him, even though his arms were around us.  It’s okay, you can be jealous of us now.


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