Unbreakable Review from Hollywood The Write Way

Sunday, September 8th 2013

images (4) Review for Kami Garcia’s UNBREAKABLE are starting to hit the web. The book doesn’t hit shelves until October 1st, but it’s a good read. Here’s a review from Hollywood The Write Way…

1. Who were the most memorable characters?
Kami Garcia did a fantastic job making all five members of the legion memorable in their own way. My favorite of the legion is easily, Priest – even though I’m not a fan of his nickname.

2. Which characters did you want more from?
While readers do get a tiny bit of back story on each member of the legion, it’s all need to know back story and it fits for this book. Usually, I’d want more back story but since we don’t need to know it right now, it would only be a selfish distraction at this point so I’m fine with what’s been shared thus far.

3. Which character name is your favorite?
Since my cousin, a girl is named Kennedi, it was fun to see the MC, a girl, named Kennedy. I also jumped up when I saw the names Elle and Millicent. Any Legally Blonde or One Tree Hill fans out there?

4. How did you connect with the main character?
Kennedy was thrown into a whole new world essentially and wasn’t going to take her new circle of friends’ word for it. She still had to come to terms with all that happened and her role in it moving forward on own her and I think we can all relate to that. I found that to be refreshing, Kennedy really struggling with accepting this new reality, especially when her own family knew about it and didn’t prepare her for it. I think that’s really where the struggle came in and I was so happy to see Kennedy step up to the plate despite her being in the dark for so long.

5. Is there a minor character you really connected with?
As soon as Alara was introduced, I was waiting for that moment of vulnerability so when it finally came, I was extremely gratifying. At first, it’s easy to write her off as an unlikable character but then you remember, they are all in mourning and they are all scared. And everyone shows both in their own way. That was especially important to see for Alara given how off putting she seems in the beginning. Most important of all, they’re all pushing forward.

6. Which relationship did you enjoy reading the most?
The dynamic between Kennedy and each member of the legion was exciting to see. Although I can’t say that I am a fan of Kennedy being slightly torn between the brothers. It seems as though it’s clear which brother she’s into but certain scenes made me think, “Oh no. This is borderline love triangle.” None of that please. This story is enjoyable enough without one.

7. What were your initial thoughts on the premise?
I initially thought, “Whoa, this sounds like a teen version of a Supernatural episode.” That about sums it up even after reading the book.

8. Did you have a favorite quote?
This is from the ARC: You have to lace your fingers just right to catch your dreams. And you don’t want to lose them because they’re not easy to find again.

9. What setting had the best imagery?
I loved the imagery in the beginning of the book but the scene that stands out to me the most is the well scene. That was fun to read!

10. What line or scene made you think, “I wonder how much research it took to write this?”
I pretty much thought this on every page. The research she’s done plays a big part in the world and the story being told. That said, she makes it her own and I love what she’s done mixing what we know about the supernatural and what best serves this story.

11. What did you notice most about the author’s writing?
The characters each had their own voice which I always love to see. I hoped this would be the case for her first solo project after Beautiful Creatures and was pleased to find it so from page one. It’s so great to see her skills without her Beautiful Creatures co-writer, Margaret Stohl. Which reminds me, I still need to read Icons by Stohl.

12. Which scene resonated with you the most?
The well scene was powerful for me because it was a chance for somebody to step up to the plate in the face of a known and yet still very much unknown danger.

13. What theme/symbolism struck you the most?
All throughout reading, I found it very interesting to see how knowledge and power (and trust) played a part in how these characters interacted with each other and their own individual decisions, especially when it mattered most.

14. If this book had a theme song what would it be?
There’s not a song that comes to mind immediately, perhaps because this book is somewhat creepy but not nearly as dark as I expected it to be given the cover, so now I’m trying to come up with a song that matches both the book and the cover and I’ve got…nothing. But Priest has quite a number of songs he listens to throughout the book, so perhaps any of those.

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WATCH: The Spooky Book Trailer for Kami Garcia’s ‘Unbreakable’

Wednesday, August 7th 2013

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Check out the awesome new book trailer for Kami Garcia’s Unbreakable! From the bestselling co-author of the Beautiful Creatures series, this is one book you don’t want to miss.

The trailer kicks off with Kennedy, a teenage girl who’s still reeling from the mysterious death of her mother when she stumbles on another horrifying surprise. Ghosts? Are totes real.

“I never believed in ghosts,” Kennedy says, “until one tried to kill me.” (We feel you, girl. We never believed in ghosts until one came into our apartment and bought a bunch of shoes on the internet and left empty boxes of Cheez-Its all over the place. Or at least, that is what we told our boyfriend when he asked. SERIOUSLY DUDE, IT WAS GHOSTS.)

Now, Kennedy is faced with a terrifying truth: Her mother was no ordinary woman, but a member of an exclusive club whose members were bound in perpetual battle against a vengeful otherworldly demon. And with two hot twins offering her a choice: instant membership in their ghosthunting club, or the distinct possibility of death at the hands of some murderous bag of ectoplasm, Kennedy is about to sign up for a hell of an extracurricular…and commence the fight of her life.

Unbreakable hits stores October 1.