New/Old photo shoot of Jeremy Irons for BMW Magazine

Friday, June 29th 2012


New? Old? I can’t be sure as my source doesn’t indicate one way or the other. But what I do know is that Jeremy Irons is looking GOOD in this photo shoot. I don’t mind telling you that I think he’s attractive. Don’t judge me.



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  1. jeremyironsno1fan said:

    Most likely, these photos were taken in Hungary in the summer of 2011. When he’s in the Budapest area, filming “The Borgias”, Jeremy uses a BMW motorcycle. He was wearing the same outfit of clothing as in two of these photos (with the exception of the scarf), when he picked up the Triple Black RT 1200 GS motorbike he used last summer. I am not sure whether these photos have appeared in print yet. View more photos of Jeremy with the bike he used last summer here:

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