Margo Martindale Talks About Her Role On “Dexter”

Monday, August 13th 2012

Margo Martindale, who played the recurring character Camilla Figg on the first three seasons of Dexter  talks about the show and more for AICN HORROR. Camilla Figg was a records supervisor who knew far more about Dexter’s past than she let on to him and was even willing to say that the case files had been destroyed, in order to protect Harry’s secret. Read the interview after the jump.

That was a long term role for that show as well where you played basically a mother figure for Dexter. 

Yeah, the only friend of Dexter really. So that was another thing, I had to be gone from there as well. At least he went against his code to kill me.

Did you have to eat all of that pie that he kept on bringing you throughout those episodes?

I did and I don’t like key lime pie, but they did bring some really delicious different variations of it, which was good.  

It probably would have been better if you would have liked it I guess.  

I don’t dislike it; it’s just not one of my favorite pies.  

Do you think by the end of the time when she did pass away on that show, do you think she knew what exactly Dexter was?

Yes. I think I knew way more than they ever revealed, also there was the time when, and I can’t remember where this came from and it might have come from Jim Manos… maybe not though, but that there was a moment where we thought that I might could have really been his mother. 

Yeah, I thought that too while watching it.

I can’t remember who came… It might have been that I came up with that, maybe that’s where it came from, but you know it seemed to be floating about for awhile. 

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