Kami Talks with SWOONITINI

Thursday, July 26th 2012

Kami talked to SWOONTINI about Beautiful Creatures and Unbreakable. You can read an excerpt below, but for the entire thing, CLICK HERE.

We can’t wait to see Beautiful Creatures on the big screen. What has this whole process – from publication to film right sales to entering production – been like for you?
KG: As I mentioned previously, we wrote Beautiful Creatures on a dare so everything that happened from the moment we finished writing, to the sale of the book at auction, to standing on the film sets [the movie releases February 13, 2013] has been completely surreal. Like Lena, the heroine in the series, I spent enough class periods writing poetry in spiral notebooks that I filled a huge storage container, but I never planned to be a writer. The two moments that stand out for me are the day I received the first finished copy of the hardcover and realized it was a real book (not just 546 pages living on my computer) and when I stepped onto the set for the first time. Seeing the characters and the word come to life was unbelievable!

Lo & C: We cannot wait to read your new book, UNBREAKABLE (Little, Brown, Fall 2013). Does it feel more comfortable this time around (series, movie deal), or is it new/scary in a totally different way?
In a lot of ways, I think it’s scarier because now I’m writing for my readers and I don’t want to disappoint them.  But I’ve talked to a lot of my author friends and they all say the same thing – launching a new series is terrifying even if you’ve written twenty books.  I also think the minute you start believing that your books destined for greatness is the moment you stop pushing yourself.  It’s the beginning of the end.

On the film side, UNBREAKABLE is in development with Mark Morgan, producer of “The Twilight Saga” & “Percy Jackson and the Olympians.”  I can’t really talk about what’s happening, but it’s all really exciting!

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