Jeremy Irons talks ‘Hollow Crown’ and his son Max in new interview

Tuesday, July 3rd 2012

What’s it like coming back to Shakespeare?

It’s wonderful that the BBC is doing this and the adaptation that (director) Richard Eyre has done is marvellous. He’s taken out all the — I don’t want to say dross because a lot of the language is wonderful — but the verbiage which isn’t necessary for telling the story. It lets you play the characters that are fantastically coloured, so hopefully the audience will see a great story with great visuals.

Give us an insight into the character of Henry IV…

He’s a man who is governed by the fact that he took the crown or was kind of given it with popular support. The previous king, Richard II, was not very much liked, but now he’s taken the throne, the whole mystique of the nature of kingship has broken down. He knows he’s got it not in a God-given way, so he feels a little guilty.

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