E!’s Shows You Should Be Watching List: Jeremy Irons’ THE BORGIAS

Wednesday, July 4th 2012

With many TV shows on Summer hiatus, E! Online has compiled a list of shows you SHOULD be watching and Jeremy Irons’ THE BORGIAS made the list!! As an avid watcher of this show, I whole heartedly agree!

The BorgiasThis Spring our DVRs got quite the workout on Sunday nights, it’s an embarrassment of riches between Game of Thrones and Mad Men—not to mention all the network shows. So it hurts us to admit that we just didn’t have time to stay up on our favorite dysfunctional family of Showtime. But we are all caught up now! Jeremy Irons is arguably one of the best actors. Ever. Holliday GraingerFrançois Arnaud and David Oakes delight as Pope Alexander VI’s ambitious children. Sex, murder, politics…what more could you want in your historical drama? But if you aren’t quite ready to commit to a Showtime subscription, you can check out the season two premiere for free online.

See the rest of the list at E! Online

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